Dayton skyline

Say It Proud ... Yes, Dayton!

As an agency, when you’ve clearly defined your niche for your team and your clients, location doesn’t matter. Our growing national client base is proof that we don’t need to be a “big-city” firm to deliver the big-city ideas our clients crave. We love our hometown, and since our focus is B2B, it makes perfect sense to be in Dayton. With Wright Patterson Air Force Base, large government contractors, research institutes and technical firms right next door, we’re at the center of a town that continues to be a tech and innovation hub. And Dayton is strategically located between Cincinnati and Columbus and within driving distance to cities like Chicago. We can also easily and inexpensively access anywhere in the country from Dayton International Airport (with the bonus of short security lines).

We don’t have to be huge or employ an exorbitant fee structure to afford the rent. Dayton’s cost of living is one of the best in the nation. This means our cost of doing business is often less than big-city agencies. And despite our growth, our Dayton roots remind us of our own entrepreneurial roots.

Even as we grow, we embrace a small-business mindset that keeps employees connected through a unified vision, and we have fearless leaders who have the guts to put it on the line for that vision. This mindset allows us to focus on delivering the best ideas rather than ones that will keep a large production staff busy.

But most importantly, it’s not just something we say: authenticity really matters to us. From the craft breweries and the locally owned restaurants that use sustainably sourced ingredients to the quirky indie shops and summer festival goers, everyone in Dayton is just doing their thing, no attention paid to the Joneses whatsoever. Maybe that’s why Dayton has the happiest workers.

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