TriComB2B Marketing Team Inspiration

B2B marketing that balances the technical, rational and emotional

There’s more to B2B marketing than what you see on its engineered surface. Yes, your target audience is highly technical. But they are also human, and just behind their measured façade, emotional even — not just logical, calculating, at-the-desk engineers and decision makers. We never lose sight of that fact. Would it be nice if we had a clever new acronym to describe this relationship? Maybe. But we still call it B2B — and we love it!

We thrive on communicating the technical with rousing creativity and a personal inflection that speaks to target audiences. And the more technically complex, the better. At our agency, an industry standard reads like a good novel. A 3-D model is like a fine painting. With a staff made up of savvy creatives, industry veterans and practiced engineers, we’re a technical and industrial advertising agency that finds big ideas in the smallest of details.

You’ll find we’re somewhat loud, slightly nerdy, occasionally irreverent, always thoughtful and never pretentious.

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