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Demand generation: Omnibound™ is the Direction of the Future

The gap between marketing and sales has officially closed. Generating real, measurable demand and silver platter leads for products and services is now marketing’s purview. And there’s a lot of noise on how best to get there.

Do your research and you’ll see demand generation is a digital, inbound discipline. But too often, these approaches can be over-prescribed and under-evaluated. And in many cases, marketers don’t even agree on which channels are inbound and outbound. Good news: it doesn’t matter. Why choose one direction over the other? The best approach is always the one that’s tailored to audience preferences and, when possible, capitalizes on unexpected approaches for garnering attention.

We’ll work with you to develop strategic content marketing approaches in the right channels. If you already have your CRM and marketing automation platform established, we can dive in with you to help build metrics-focused lead capture and qualification processes. If you’re looking for platform options, we can make a recommendation to make sure you have an appropriate foundation for demand generation efforts.

Start generating measurable demand

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