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Think Twice Before Using These Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Messages

Working on an IIoT campaign? Take 60 seconds to review this list of commonly used IIoT phrases. Then work hard to find the unique stories and words that capture your IIoT value. 

Statistically Dissecting Mobile Web and App Trends

We all know that people spend a ton of digital time on mobile devices, specifically in apps. So, I often hear from clients that they want a mobile app: a rightful discussion point for almost every B2B marketing plan. However, apps and websites both offer very distinct pros and cons that must be weighed. Many times, a company wants a mobile app for all the wrong reasons.

B2B MarTech: Scrap Your Collateral Warehouse

printing proofsOn-demand printing has replaced stacks racks of pre-printed marketing collateral. Just a decade ago, it was more economical to produce high-volume offset print vs digital. Now that technology has improved, you can produce high-quality digital print at a lower cost.

Six Tips to Make Your Digital Marketing Project Succeed

I recently provided five cynically humorous ways to make your digital project fail, and now I’d like to flip the coin and discuss some strategies that will help you to succeed with flying colors.