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Avoid Attendee Burnout: A Trade Show Survival Guide

This past spring, I attended Automate, a trade show featuring advancements in robotics, automation and machine learning.

There’s More to Trade Show Publicity Than Just Your Press Release

Trade shows take a great deal of planning — especially when it comes to exhibit logistics. The investment is substantial: people + products + marketing materials + equipment + customer entertainment = big $. And rightfully so. You have the potential to reach a very wide customer base in a matter of days (in some cases, the attendee list is in the 100,000+ range).

Face to Face

Don’t Lose the Personal Touch in B2B Marketing

Another PowerPoint? There Must Be a Better Way.

PowerPoint decks have been the go-to media for presenting information to colleagues for a long time. Many would say too long. Ever since PowerPoint’s creation in 1990, salespeople, staff members, managers and executives (and that guy who wants to sell you a timeshare) have leaned on it to deliver their stories. Often, it works just fine.

Five Observations From My Recent B2B Trade Show Tour

In Q1 and Q2, I spent quite a bit of time with clients at large industry trade shows. Inevitably, I had a little time to walk around and see what exhibitors are doing. Here are five things that stood out in early 2017.