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Your Word Count Requirement Is Stupid

My daughter came home the other evening with an assignment (exact class withheld to protect the guilty). Classic essay homework, instructions paraphrased here:

Read the assigned passage and provide a written analysis, double-spaced, no fewer than six pages.

“Ugh, this is such a pain,” exclaimed my daughter.

“Ugh, I hated these assignments,” agreed the father.

Let Your B2B Customers Fill in the Blank

“Jaws” is one of my all-time favorite movies, second only to “Auntie Mame” (but that’s a whole other blog). As a genre, I don’t really like classic monster horror films at all. “Jaws” is the exception. What sets it apart from many other mundane monster movies is its slow buildup of suspense.

Laziness and Ignorance: A B2B Writer’s Confession

If you remember the Y2K scare — in which computers worldwide would crash as the year 2000 arrived — I’m proud of my role in exacerbating your panic. 

Don’t Let Your B2B Content Get Banished to the TL;DR Pile

We all have that friend — you know, the one who occasionally sends a text that breaks all etiquette with a novella that forces you to stop, skim and well, mostly ignore. In internet parlance, it’s called TL;DR (i.e., too long; didn’t read).

Creating B2B Content? Roll up Your Sleeves

Content creation can be a risky undertaking in B2B marketing. The writer must first gather relevant stats, review performance data, then familiarize themselves with key industry terms and acronyms. Usually, our clients provide the bulk of this information, and we’re able to fill in any of the blanks with a quick internet search.