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The Prose of the Pros: The Latest Oxford Comma Talk

I’m not breaking any news (or is this fake news?) by saying that people in this country can get passionate about many things near and dear to their hearts. This passion applies to politics, sports, music, movies and brands, in addition to many other items.

A Blog About Acronyms (ABAA)

I know that “CMS” is an acronym which is very commonly used throughout the marketing industry. Thus, you really shouldn’t have to spell it out for your customers. You wouldn’t spell out “USA,” would you?* But bear with me.

If you want to use an acronym, just follow these simple rules:

Let Your B2B Customers Fill in the Blank

“Jaws” is one of my all-time favorite movies, second only to “Auntie Mame” (but that’s a whole other blog). As a genre, I don’t really like classic monster horror films at all. “Jaws” is the exception. What sets it apart from many other mundane monster movies is its slow buildup of suspense.