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Message Mapping Gets You to Where You Want to Be in B2B

Do you remember AAA TripTiks? If you are older than 30 or maybe even 40, you may remember these comb-bound, trip-planning tools that provided directions from Points A to B. They conveniently mapped the shortest route for you, or a more scenic one if you had extra time.

Let Your B2B Customers Fill in the Blank

“Jaws” is one of my all-time favorite movies, second only to “Auntie Mame” (but that’s a whole other blog). As a genre, I don’t really like classic monster horror films at all. “Jaws” is the exception. What sets it apart from many other mundane monster movies is its slow buildup of suspense.

Does Your B2B Message Pass the Sameness Test?

We work with a lot of great companies on messaging strategy, trying to help them find a market position that is as differentiated and compelling as possible.