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Think Twice Before Using These Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Messages

Working on an IIoT campaign? Take 60 seconds to review this list of commonly used IIoT phrases. Then work hard to find the unique stories and words that capture your IIoT value. 

Your Customer’s Brain and the Emotion Behind B2B Decision Making (Blog 1 of 2)

Your customer has only a six-second attention span, which is shorter than that of a goldfish.

Video is Coming. Why You Need a B2B Video Marketing Strategy!

Have you heard of Game of Thrones? Well, I’d like to say I’m a bit of a fan of the TV show.

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Digital Advertising: The What, Why and Why Nots for Industrial B2B Marketers

“We need to take our marketing program digital.” You’ve probably heard this statement or some variation a few times in your marketing career, no matter how new or seasoned you might be. Taking it digital. What does that even mean? Well, there are a lot of options for going digital, but much of the focus in our content marketing world has been on organic inbound.

To Agency or Not to Agency? That Is the Question

“The agency of record is dead as the dodo.” — Forbes, May 2015

“The reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated.” — TriComB2B, Sept. 2018

Creating B2B Content? Roll up Your Sleeves

Content creation can be a risky undertaking in B2B marketing. The writer must first gather relevant stats, review performance data, then familiarize themselves with key industry terms and acronyms. Usually, our clients provide the bulk of this information, and we’re able to fill in any of the blanks with a quick internet search.