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The Scientific Case for Simplicity in B2B Marketing

If you’ve ever had trouble explaining to an engineer or product manager that they really don’t need 200 words of copy and three product images in their new ad, try this particle physics analogy next time to appeal to their scientific side.

Use a Creative Brief for Your Next Marketing Project

If you’re embarking on an important marketing program or a significant marketing deliverable, you’ll need to develop a creative brief. Your creative team, whether in-house or agency, needs to have the right information to create on-point deliverables that will help you achieve your goals.

2019 B2B Marketing Budgets — Guidelines and References

For companies on a calendar fiscal year, planning is mostly complete and budgets numbers are cemented (or are at least beginning to cure). As the budget figures solidify, you may wonder where you stand on your marketing allocation relative to other industry or category benchmarks.

Paid Social Media Advertising Plays Its Part in Industrial B2B: Blog 4 of 4

Content marketing has become more popular than ever, so what better way to promote your great work than through social media? The problem that B2B marketers often run into, however, is a lack of strong followership on their social channels. Connecting with the right people and getting your message to your intended audience can be challenging.

Paid Search Advertising Plays Its Part in Industrial B2B: Blog 3 of 4

Your agency’s content marketing is on point, email and nurture campaigns are going great and you’ve been taking steps to optimize your website for organic search. So, what’s next to help you drive demand for your products? Paid search advertising could be an option, depending on your goals.

Display Network Advertising Plays Its Part in Industrial B2B: Blog 2 of 4

Understanding which options are available to get your message heard, seen or even recognized in B2B is becoming more difficult than ever. It seems nearly every company, including your competition, advertises online in some way, so how can you possibly outperform them and get better results?

Traditional Display Advertising Plays Its Part in Industrial B2B: Blog 1 of 4

Paid digital advertising is a big, complex space. With thousands of marketing and advertising technology providers involved, there are myriad options from which to choose. That means running an effective digital advertising campaign can be challenging. And if you think that’s hard, it’s even harder for the consumers of these ads to take them all in.

Laziness and Ignorance: A B2B Writer’s Confession

If you remember the Y2K scare — in which computers worldwide would crash as the year 2000 arrived — I’m proud of my role in exacerbating your panic. 

Face to Face

Don’t Lose the Personal Touch in B2B Marketing

What’s in a B2B Product Name?

It turns out … a lot.