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Digital Advertising: The What, Why and Why Nots for Industrial B2B Marketers

“We need to take our marketing program digital.” You’ve probably heard this statement or some variation a few times in your marketing career, no matter how new or seasoned you might be. Taking it digital. What does that even mean? Well, there are a lot of options for going digital, but much of the focus in our content marketing world has been on organic inbound.

One Problem That Hasn’t Changed in the Ever-Changing B2B Digital Landscape

I made the decision to go into software development in 2004, at which time I built my first website for NCR Corp. This came after dabbling in other IT areas: networking, databases, traditional C programming, etc. I loved being a part of creating something real and was drawn to the “new media” side. Websites, apps, touch-screen tools, virtual reality.