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Video is Coming. Why You Need a B2B Video Marketing Strategy!

Have you heard of Game of Thrones? Well, I’d like to say I’m a bit of a fan of the TV show.

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A Content Writer Writes to Explain “Content”

On May 16, 2009, the U.S. Senate passed and President Obama signed a bill (SB1953686429: Marketing Nomenclature Uniformity Act), which required most advertising agencies and copywriters to rename themselves Content Agencies and Content Writers. This has caused unintended confusion over the years.

Don’t Let Your B2B Content Get Banished to the TL;DR Pile

We all have that friend — you know, the one who occasionally sends a text that breaks all etiquette with a novella that forces you to stop, skim and well, mostly ignore. In internet parlance, it’s called TL;DR (i.e., too long; didn’t read).

Good B2B Content Marketing Hindered by Content?

I recently stumbled across this blog post by Peter O’Neill from Forrester — “…B2B Marketers Are Still Stuck in Their Product Marketing Comfort Zone.” The premise of the article is that B2B marketing agencies and marketers are having trouble living up to the expectations of true content marketing. While I take issue with Mr.

Creating B2B Content? Roll up Your Sleeves

Content creation can be a risky undertaking in B2B marketing. The writer must first gather relevant stats, review performance data, then familiarize themselves with key industry terms and acronyms. Usually, our clients provide the bulk of this information, and we’re able to fill in any of the blanks with a quick internet search.