Complex doesn’t have to be so … complex

Turning a 140-slide PowerPoint into a 3-D interactive tool. Modeling and animating a million dollar nuclear sealing system. Demonstrating the movement of molten salt through a concentrated solar power plant. Explaining exhaust aftertreatment using selective catalyst reduction and diesel particulate filters. Clarifying energy recovery techniques in reverse osmosis desalination plants. Illustrating HVAC system component interactions and their impact on energy consumption. Making your thought leaders look like — well, thought leaders.

All in a day’s work here at TriComB2B. Check out some examples below.

RDT Eco Cool Refrigeration System Technology

Refrigeration Design Technologies
Intelligrated Store Solutions Store Solutions Video

Laird Controls Software Video Software Video

Laird Controls
Cummins Engineer and Tier 4i Certified Generators Tier 4 and DEF Questions
Cummins Power Generation
Cummins Tier 4 Generator Video Thumbnail Tier 4 Ready Aftertreatment
Cummins Power Generation
Dime Inside an Ice Cube illustrating Cold Hard Cash Video Thumbnail Cold Hard Cash
Emerson Climate Control
Good Enough Never Is
Hartzell Air Movement
Slurry Seal Video Thumbnail Slurry Tough
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