3-D Rendering of a Tomato Plant

CHP Is the New BFF for Commercial Greenhouses

Effective marketing often means seizing an opportunity. An affordable, available natural gas supply combined with a steadily improving regulatory environment meant using combined heat and power in commercial greenhouses was suddenly viable. And our client was ready to capitalize with an already-proven platform. Our comprehensive “Ready. Set. Grow.” campaign was loaded with simple, educational facts about the technology, not to mention tons of metrics to monitor prospect engagement and capture lead opportunities. We were happy to watch their new business pipeline, well, grow.

Ready Set Grow Plan Sketch on a Notepad

Cummins Power Generation Ready Set Grow Page on Laptop and Mobile Device

Cummins Ready Set Grow Campaign Video Thumbnail

Cummins CHP An Idea That Has Ripened Brochure

Cummins Ready Set Grow Blog Post on a Tablet
Cummins Ready Set Grow Blog Post on an iPad
Cummins Ready Set Grow Blog Post - Maximize Efficiencies

Cummins Ready Set Grow Trade Show Booth Display

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