Power of Horses in Cummins Generator

New generator hits market at full power

It was our client’s biggest product development investment in history — a 95-liter, 3.5 MW behemoth designed to change the competitive landscape for large, medium-speed generator sets. The expectation? A world-class product launch. Our “Power of More” campaign theme provided the foundation for an extensive, integrated product launch that drew on every corner of the agency — from strategy and creative to marketing technology and public relations. Close collaboration with client resources culminated in a 500-page interactive sales playbook — yes, we wrote every word — and a virtual, global launch event attended by thousands. All pulled together in a matter of months. Phew!

The Power of More - Cummins

QSK95 Series Cummins Generator - Illustrating Power of More
QSK95 Series Cummins Generator - Illustrating Cost Savings
QSK95 Series Cummins Generator - More Reliability Less Downtime

Cummins Responsive Friendly Website

Cummins More Power Video Thumbnail

Cummins Responsive Website Being Viewed on a Tablet

Cummins Brochure - More Performance Less Fuel

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