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Exhibit Goes Digital to Draw Big Crowds

Trade shows are big opportunities to introduce new products, create positive impressions and develop sales opportunities. After their acquisition, our client asked us to rethink their exhibit with one eye on communicating a consistent, future-oriented message and another on lead generation. That meant pulling together disparate parts of their business into a cohesive presence, with a powerful theme that spoke to their new business direction. We deployed a range of digital tools so visitors could engage with their products, all focusing on message consistency. We developed compelling, scripted, digital presentations delivered on-stage by a professional spokesperson — a traffic builder which led to dozens of lead opportunities. The presentations went off so well that one client contact said the spokesperson knew their story as well as their own experts. We’ll take that as a compliment!

b2b tradeshow booth mockupb2b tradeshow booth mockup

man watching touchscreenb2b tradeshow presenter

b2b tradeshow presenter

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