Emerson Making Sense Webinar on a Tablet

A market force on global market forces

The refrigeration market around the world is experiencing rapid change, with external forces such as global warming, sustainability and big data creating a new landscape for businesses that both design and depend on refrigerated systems. Our client’s global knowledge base on these subjects is immense, but delivering this timely, helpful content to a vast, information-thirsty audience was another matter. An innovative webinar series focused on the most exigent, compelling issues put our market-leading client at the forefront of discussions, allowing them to educate customers and establish itself as the dialogue leader in this space. (For style points, they even run these webinars live from the show floor at prominent industry events.)

Emerson making Sense Webinar on Multiple Devices

Emerson Making Sense Reports

Emerson Webinar on Embedded Electronics
Tablet View of Emerson Webinar - Case Control And Electronic Expansion

Emerson Blog - Climate Conversations

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