Flowserve virtual plant

Virtual Plants Show Expertise and Double as Training Tool

Industry and application expertise rules in industrial sales, and no one in flow management knows this better than Flowserve. But how do you make sure your sales force can communicate the scale and depth of this expertise? Deliver it in a way they’ll truly understand: in context of the plants they work on.

Detailed, 3D Modeling

Any environment, from refineries and power plants to desalination and beverage plants, can be reimagined as a virtual, 3D setting.

sketch and rendered plant comparison

Custom Content for Every Plant

Discover plant-specific information for every type of equipment and service.

virtual plant tool on desktop monitorvirtual plant refinery plantvirtual plant conventional steam power plantvirtual plant palm oil plantvirtual plant brewery plantvirtual plant combined cycle power plantvirtual plant deslination plant

Intuitive Navigation to Discover Product Applications

Flowserve and their customers solve difficult challenges and new applications every day. Now their sales force can easily discover and utilize this experience globally, including detailed process diagrams and competitive information.

virtual plant packaging screenshotvirtual plant products graphicvirtual plant why flowserve graphicvirtual plant pss4 product graphic
virtual plant gas turbine screenshotvirtual plant customer challenges graphicvirtual plant argus hk35 product graphic

Future plans include a public-facing version so customers can experience Flowserve expertise firsthand in an online environment.

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