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The Prose of the Pros: The Latest Oxford Comma Talk

I’m not breaking any news (or is this fake news?) by saying that people in this country can get passionate about many things near and dear to their hearts. This passion applies to politics, sports, music, movies and brands, in addition to many other items.

Your Product Is Called What? Simplicity Rules in B2B.

Naming Your Product in B2B

The four most popular male baby names in the year I was born (let’s just say it precedes the nation’s bicentennial) were Michael, Jason, Christopher and David. Today not one of these names remains in the top 100.

Keep Calm and Blog On

Do you feel that blogging is a waste of your time, or the time of the internal resources assigned to write? Do you hear from management that because it’s neither client-facing nor directly related to sales that they just don’t think it’s necessary?

However negatively you or others may think about blogging, I’m here to shed some positive light on the subject.

In B2B, There’s a Stat for That

Before he retired, TriComB2B co-founder Jack Lilienthal imparted several words of wisdom to me to help me throughout my career. Most of them involved subjects that shouldn’t be included in a blog, but every now and then he’d say something to me that would leave me nodding my head in agreement.

Common B2B Writing Errors

I’ve been proofreading and editing copy professionally for quite some time. My career history encompasses positions in the news, publishing, and advertising and marketing agencies. I’ve worked on press releases, media advisories, academic papers, textbooks, and advertising and marketing materials of just about any variety.