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There’s More to Trade Show Publicity Than Just Your Press Release

Trade shows take a great deal of planning — especially when it comes to exhibit logistics. The investment is substantial: people + products + marketing materials + equipment + customer entertainment = big $. And rightfully so. You have the potential to reach a very wide customer base in a matter of days (in some cases, the attendee list is in the 100,000+ range).

Do You Know the Value of the PESO?

It goes without saying that integration these days is critical to the success of marketing; not a single marketing tactic can be responsible for sales, lead generation, awareness or a positive public image. What might be less obvious is the necessary integrated approach to one marketing tactic in particular: public relations.

One Company = One Story

We’re all familiar with this scenario: different groups in a company do different things, so most likely they all tell their story in a different way to overlapping audiences and customers. Sometimes, it’s to the extent these groups actually appear as if they are individual companies within the company.