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Think Twice Before Using These Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Messages

Working on an IIoT campaign? Take 60 seconds to review this list of commonly used IIoT phrases. Then work hard to find the unique stories and words that capture your IIoT value. 

Your Customer’s Brain and the Emotion Behind B2B Decision Making (Blog 1 of 2)

Your customer has only a six-second attention span, which is shorter than that of a goldfish.

What’s Your Industrial Internet of Things Story?

In case you haven’t heard, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is upon us. Watson is protecting African rhinos. Cisco is connecting literally everything: trees, cows, shopping carts and guitars. GE is sharing data at lightning speeds, from shipping vessels to trains to power grids. The Internet of Things. Industrial Internet of Things.

Digital Advertising: The What, Why and Why Nots for Industrial B2B Marketers

“We need to take our marketing program digital.” You’ve probably heard this statement or some variation a few times in your marketing career, no matter how new or seasoned you might be. Taking it digital. What does that even mean? Well, there are a lot of options for going digital, but much of the focus in our content marketing world has been on organic inbound.

Paid Social Media Advertising Plays Its Part in Industrial B2B: Blog 4 of 4

Content marketing has become more popular than ever, so what better way to promote your great work than through social media? The problem that B2B marketers often run into, however, is a lack of strong followership on their social channels. Connecting with the right people and getting your message to your intended audience can be challenging.

Display Network Advertising Plays Its Part in Industrial B2B: Blog 2 of 4

Understanding which options are available to get your message heard, seen or even recognized in B2B is becoming more difficult than ever. It seems nearly every company, including your competition, advertises online in some way, so how can you possibly outperform them and get better results?

Your Word Count Requirement Is Stupid

My daughter came home the other evening with an assignment (exact class withheld to protect the guilty). Classic essay homework, instructions paraphrased here:

Read the assigned passage and provide a written analysis, double-spaced, no fewer than six pages.

“Ugh, this is such a pain,” exclaimed my daughter.

“Ugh, I hated these assignments,” agreed the father.

What’s in a B2B Product Name?

It turns out … a lot.

Does Your B2B Message Pass the Sameness Test?

We work with a lot of great companies on messaging strategy, trying to help them find a market position that is as differentiated and compelling as possible.

Good B2B Content Marketing Hindered by Content?

I recently stumbled across this blog post by Peter O’Neill from Forrester — “…B2B Marketers Are Still Stuck in Their Product Marketing Comfort Zone.” The premise of the article is that B2B marketing agencies and marketers are having trouble living up to the expectations of true content marketing. While I take issue with Mr.