The TriComB2B point-of-view on B2B marketing… and then some

By Daniel Lakovic

On-demand printing has replaced stacks racks of pre-printed marketing collateral. Just a decade ago, it was more economical to produce high-volume offset print vs digital. Now that technology has improved, you can produce high-quality digital print at a lower cost. This enables you to have versioning control of your collateral without scrapping large amounts of outdated inventory. It also...

By Jon Berry

Content creation can be a risky undertaking in B2B marketing. The writer must first gather relevant stats, review performance data, then familiarize themselves with key industry terms and acronyms. Usually, our clients provide the bulk of this information, and we’re able to fill in any of the blanks with a quick internet search.

But that’s the just the half of it. The other half is even...

By John Acquavita

Before he retired, TriComB2B co-founder Jack Lilienthal imparted several words of wisdom to me to help me throughout my career. Most of them involved subjects that shouldn’t be included in a blog, but every now and then he’d say something to me that would leave me nodding my head in agreement. One of which was, “If you’re writing a...

By Chris Eifert

Skype’s great. GoToMeeting works just fine. And we don’t mind flying around for meetings. But if your budget allows this year, TriComB2B client, make some time to come see us this year. In Dayton. Yes, Dayton!

By John Acquavita

As one of the Midwest’s premier B2B marketing agencies, it’s been a busy year here at TriComB2B — and our blog is no exception. Here is a quick recap of what our bloggers had to say.

By Patrick McMullen

I recently provided five cynically humorous ways to make your digital project fail, and now I’d like to flip the coin and discuss some strategies that will help you to succeed with flying colors.