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TriComB2B Blogger - Kaitlyn Kraus
By Kaitlyn Kraus

The TriComB2B team is sharing some of their favorite memories about their fathers and some of the wisdom they’ve learned from them over the years. Consider this a special “thank you” to dads everywhere from everyone here at TriComB2B.

Bill Weinstein
By Bill Weinstein

I’ve been fighting these words for years with every red pen at my disposal. But there’s no killing them. They’ve bred and propagated like tropical insects, infecting every paragraph of B2B and technology marketing writing. Still, I fight on, because these words are useless. Let’s see how often our most reliable clichés appear.

TriComB2B Blogger - Robin Miller
By Robin Miller

I don’t study Jeff Bezos and Amazon very much, but I was particularly moved by an excerpt from a letter he wrote in a recent annual report where he talked about high-velocity decision making. Learn how and why he uses the term “disagree and commit" to save time in decision-making.

TriComB2B Blogger - John Nagy
By John Nagy

Even in the face of “alternative facts”, I’m here to tell you that truth in advertising still exits. The first thing we need to do is separate political advertising, which is protected by free speech First Amendment rights (yeah, they can lie), from mainstream advertising, which is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. I’ll continue with mainstream advertising.

TriComB2B Blogger - Chris Eifert
By Chris Eifert

If you’ve spent time with me in the last couple of years, you’ve probably heard me talk about demand generation and marketing automation. Implementation is hard; getting results requires dedication and resources. We’ve seen customers rate their programs across the board: effective; ambiguous; indifferent; or “where are the sales?” This led me to seek...

Patrick McMullen
By Patrick McMullen

The technology landscape is changing faster than ever, and we want our clients to be on the bleeding edge. Here is a brief recap of how we've structured our team to continue to broaden our digital toolbox, and some examples of recent projects that are changing the way our clients do business.