Patrick McMullen

What Are We up to in Digital Marketing?

Patrick McMullen

I started at TriComB2B seven years ago as a developer; I was promoted to my current role as director of marketing technology in 2013. Looking back, it’s amazing how much the digital space has changed. Not surprisingly, we’ve changed quite a bit as well! Where Drupal websites were once our bread and butter, we’ve made a constant effort to continue to do more than that — and we are. Much more!

Emerson digital kioskWeb and app development – a powerful combination for B2B

Our composition as a development team changed greatly through 2016. We still have the web development side, and the bulk of that is still done using the Drupal CMS, which we truly love for a variety of reasons. This is not going away, and we’re continuing to push to deliver cutting-edge websites for our clients.

However, we’ve structured the development team to include a second segment — one that specializes in building some really cutting-edge digital tools ... tools that most development shops struggle to create, let alone marketing agencies! The fact that we’re doing this in the B2B space is quite impressive, and it’s become a key part of what TriComB2B brings to the table for our clients.

Intelligrated presentation toolTools that bridge B2B marketing and sales

Our very talented developers are helping us succeed in being a trendsetter in the digital B2B marketing space:

  • We’re creating sales tools that are guiding inexperienced sales teams to success.
  • We’re building stunning trade show and presentation apps that run on anything from a small kiosk to a large touch-screen monitor.
  • We’re excelling at hybrid apps that power web, native mobile and even Windows apps from a single integrated content system, with or without an internet connection.
  • We’re creating internal tools that help various business units to function more efficiently and with less manual work.

Ultimately, we’re bridging the gap among marketing, sales, and other business units and technology.

If the sky is the limit, we’re aiming for the moon — and we’re hitting it.

We’ve just released some examples of the exciting digital apps and tools we’ve been working on. Be sure to check them out on our portfolio. If you have ideas where we might be able to help you out, contact us to discuss!

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