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Do You Know the Value of the PESO?

Jocelyn Hodson

It goes without saying that integration these days is critical to the success of marketing; not a single marketing tactic can be responsible for sales, lead generation, awareness or a positive public image. What might be less obvious is the necessary integrated approach to one marketing tactic in particular: public relations.

This article outlines that integrated approach by detailing the four types of public relations in the PESO model: paid, earned, shared and owned. Paid media is the most familiar of the four, which includes advertising and sponsored content. Earned media (my personal favorite) includes feature articles or contributed content. Shared content is basically social media, and if you aren’t embracing this means of extending your publicity efforts, you are passing on a fairly easy opportunity. And finally, there is owned media, or content you develop and control on a website (or blog).

What I love about this approach, and in particular the power of owned media, is the potential to take what has historically been a self-serving message of ‘look at us’ to more of a thought leadership ‘look what we can do for you’ message. And as a PR professional, that message is easier to sell. The owned media can then often lead to earned media which can then reduce the paid media commitment. And we all learned the importance of sharing in kindergarten (social, social, social!). Social engagement can also lead to earned media, not to mention overall customer visibility. The power is truly in leveraging all four.

Most importantly, the message for each of these four types of public relations cannot conflict with one another. In the words of Honest Abe (and immortalized by George Costanza), a PR house divided against itself cannot stand.

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