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One Company = One Story

Jocelyn Hodson

We’re all familiar with this scenario: different groups in a company do different things, so most likely they all tell their story in a different way to overlapping audiences and customers. Sometimes, it’s to the extent these groups actually appear as if they are individual companies within the company. I’ve seen it come to a head in the corporate environment, and it’s not pretty (think civil war, but replace gunpowder with marketing budgets). And eventually, you have groups in the same company competing against each other for visibility. Hopefully, your group has the biggest marketing budget this year.

The struggle is real.

A Better Story Together

While I respect the unique aspects of what each group within a company does, the story is more powerful if they all come together and find the strong, overarching themes that brought them all together under one roof to begin with, e.g., sustainability, energy efficiency, environmental impacts and reliability. Chances are, most, if not all the groups in the company, contribute to one of these greater goods. And how impactful would that be to show customers it’s not just this one product, service or solution that helps them reach that goal; it’s the entire company!

Getting the Marketing Team Together

I recently participated in a client’s daylong marketing meeting, and walked out of it more excited than is believable, considering it was a full day in a room with presentations and group breakouts. This client is pushing hard to tell their story as one company. And what was more exciting was that in the final group breakout, which brought together a mix of marketing professionals from different areas of the company, we truly saw how powerful that story can be when you bring it all together. We identified all the areas within the company that offered a solution or product that helped their customers achieve energy efficiency. The list was long, and it covered the full breadth of their business.

In a time when the media noise around us is very loud and everyone has 140 characters to share, it has never been more important to make what you actually say as strong as possible. You don’t get very long to tell it before your customers have moved on to the next story.

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