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[INFOGRAPHIC] Power Your Marketing Engine With Content Mechanics

Jon Berry

At its essence, creating impactful content requires mechanical precision and deliberate execution. It starts with selecting a topic on which you have considerable expertise, progresses with extensive research, and culminates in the completion of a high-value, finished piece.

As important as it for your marketing program to frequently create high-value content — such as a new technical white paper or product introduction video — there’s no shortcutting the amount of effort required to complete this process. There are, however, many things you can do to multiply the results of this effort.

When considered in the context of a larger marketing program, a single piece of content can be combined with various tactics to produce a greater impact. As a technical marketing agency, TriComB2B looks at these tactics as the basic mechanics of a content marketing program. With proper execution, content can act as the high-performance fuel that powers your marketing engine.

For years, creating content for our clients has been the cornerstone of our B2B marketing foundation — well before the term “content marketing” was in vogue. While recently reviewing the components of our content marketing platform, it became apparent that the tenets of our philosophy (topic selection, content creation, website, social media, PR, search marketing) closely correlate with classic principles of mechanical engineering — the wheel, lever, screw, inclined plane, pulley and wedge.

Known as the six simple machines, these basic mechanical principles still serve as the backbone of modern engineering.Here’s how these same principles can be used to leverage your content to its greatest advantage.

Content Mechanics Infographic

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