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Fortune 500 Creates Relationships With Blogs, Social

Chris Eifert

“Just because someone does something doesn’t mean you need to do it.” — my mom

On that note, I found this study about the social media usage rate among F500 companies interesting and, to some extent, a barometer on the mood of things as it relates to large business buy-in to the efficacy of social media.

Instagram icon on phoneHere’s what the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research told us about the F500 in 2016:

- 36% of the F500 are now using blogs for thought leadership, product promotion and engagement (up from 21%); the notable increase comes in large part from new entries to the F500. Is there a correlation among business growth, making it into the F500 and embracing more progressive marketing techniques? That sounds like a study someone needs to do.

- The larger the company, the more they blog, with 50% of the top 200 utilizing public-facing, active blogs. The bottom 200 are at 29%.

- 86% of the F500 have active Twitter accounts and 84% have Facebook pages.

- Instagram usage has grown five times since 2013, with 45% of the F500 engaged. Uses are widespread, from product and purchase information to social and charitable event postings. In addition, 75 companies added Instagram to their marketing mix in 2016.

- 97% of the F500 are using LinkedIn. Seriously? There are actually 13 companies in the F500 not using LinkedIn as a platform?

There’s some other great marketing information from this study, including industry breakdowns, so check it out here

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