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Display Network Advertising Plays Its Part in Industrial B2B: Blog 2 of 4

Chris Eifert

Understanding which options are available to get your message heard, seen or even recognized in B2B is becoming more difficult than ever. It seems nearly every company, including your competition, advertises online in some way, so how can you possibly outperform them and get better results?

We’ve created a comprehensive guide to explain the major digital advertising options available. This blog focuses specifically on display network advertising.

display-advertising-mobileDisplay Network Advertising Defined

Display network advertising allows companies to work with ad networks to buy available ad space and advertising packages across a large network of websites. This type of advertising includes numerous players and technologies such as real-time bidding, but most online ad program management is performed by a network company. A well-known display network advertising example is Facebook, where a wide variety of content can be distributed across their platform based on demographic information.

Two of the most commonly used types of programmatic advertising used in the display network space are retargeting and account-based marketing. Retargeted ads appear across different websites based on a visitor’s web history or list-based approaches on social media platforms. Retargeting is usually used to optimize the chances for conversion with a visitor who has shown previous interest. The other type is account-based marketing (ABM), which targets a very specific audience using several different approaches, including IP targeting, data onboarding and profile targeting. To learn more about these two types of programmatic advertising, you can download our digital advertising guide, An Industrial Marketer’s Guide to Digital Advertising.

Display Network Advertising Statistics

Let’s talk money. Did you know that $32.5 billion were spent last year on programmatic advertising, with the United States leading the way with $24 billion (Zenith Media)? B2B spending in the display network category is on the rise, with 79 percent of B2B marketers expected to buy some type of programmatic digital display ad (eMarketer).

Can I Get Results Using Display Network Advertising?

With spending on the rise, look for more tools and players to emerge from the crowded field of technologies. Advertising platforms can already provide tools with detailed audience information and sophisticated measurement capabilities to track leads and conversions. You can find the names of some of the big players in this space in our guide.

Even with spending on the rise, there is still plenty of room for growth in the B2B space. Overall efficacy is still debatable, but if you are looking for a way to create awareness and engagement across different platforms, display network advertising could work in certain scenarios. One scenario is investing in account-based approaches to engage high-value clients and prospects. Retargeting for transactional products in an e-commerce environment is another appropriate use of display network advertising.

Despite the development of sophisticated tools and numerous possible approaches, B2B marketing professionals still report targeting the right audience and accurate measurement as the biggest challenges involved with programmatic advertising.

For more details on programmatic advertising or to learn about other online advertising options, download TriComB2B’s Guide to Digital Advertising here.

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