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Always Learning From the Best: Thanks, Dads

Kaitlyn Kraus

Remember when your father taught you all about football, how to draw, or maybe something as simple as being kind to others? The TriComB2B team is sharing some of their favorite memories about their fathers and some of the wisdom they’ve learned from them over the years. Consider this a special “thank you” to dads everywhere from everyone here at TriComB2B.

Stacey Alspaugh

My father has taught me that all people are equal in this life. Hierarchy should only be used in good design.

John Buscemifather and son

“Greet people with a smile and a firm handshake,” he would say.

First impressions are important in our society. Why not get off to a good start with someone new? By the way, my daughter thanked me for passing this one on. She was on the interviewer side of things recently and was surprised at the number of candidates who couldn’t manage these two simple things — not a good way to start an interview!


Jocelyn Hodson

My father taught me to be true to myself and embrace what makes me the person I am. Not only does this enable success in your personal life and the relationships you build with others, it can help you connect with a career that you can be passionate about. He also taught me to never take myself too seriously!

robin miller familyRobin Miller

My dad taught me the importance of hard work and a positive outlook. His success came from a lot of that and included really early mornings and really late nights. There wasn’t a job he wouldn’t take. If you can’t tell, I find my dad pretty darn special. I am one blessed lady to have had someone so incredible to be my father. I love him more than words could ever explain.



John Nagy

When I was in second or third grade, I remember having a punch-out book with Army men from the Revolutionary War in it. I loved those soldiers, but there weren’t enough, so I wanted to draw my own. I was having a hard time and said, “Dad, how can I draw these?” My dad drew out a little stick figure, a detailed one, but it was easy for me to learn the strokes. That day, my dad got me started on drawing, and I’m eternally thankful for that.

Dan Williams

My dad repeatedly said, “Good things come to those who wait.”

He always had stories and sayings to tell us. I think he got that from my grandma. This quote goes with me everywhere, in both my work and personal lives. I constantly wanted instant results as a kid, but I’ve learned over time that if you are persistent, hard work pays off, even if you have to wait sometimes. When I was younger, that quote didn’t mean much to me, but as I got older I’ve learned the truth in it.

Lorie Woods

I grew up in the era when parents were not “helicopters.” As kids, we made our mistakes and earned our victories autonomously. That’s not to say our parents didn’t support us and celebrate with us; they absolutely did. Today, I am told I am my father’s daughter, which I hold as the dearest compliment imaginable. He taught me to work hard, save for a rainy day, and don’t ever be late — to anything — ever. Plan and keep good records. Most of all though, I remember him being there, for everything important to me and to my siblings, selfless with his time — and he’s given that same kind of attention to his grandchildren. I can only hope I’m half the parent he is to me.

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