Best Practices in B2B Content Marketing, Part 3: Establish a Position of Authority

So far in this blog series, I’ve focused on content strategies, not the process of content development. But the rubber meets the road in this installment, and it’s time to roll up our sleeves. Here, I’m covering something near and dear to my veracious content developer heart, and that is how to create content from a position of authority.

Best Practices in B2B Content Marketing, Part 1: What Is Content Marketing?

The term “content marketing” has been the buzz of the B2B marketing world for the last few years, with more companies seeing the merit in developing content strategies, and more budget dollars invested in content-based marketing programs in 2014. A recent Ad Age survey indicates that 75.1 percent of B2B marketers say they will spend more on content marketing this year.

2013's B2B Marketing Cliffhangers: What Will Become of Search Marketing?

And who will win out: content marketing, SEO, social media or digital marketing for B2B?

Are Your Industrial Marketing Communications Connecting With Your Audience?

As a content developer, I’m constantly trying to figure out ways to best convey our clients’ value propositions. When probing for information to help me express these ideas most effectively, I often follow a basic line of questioning: What’s the most important thing your audience needs to hear to be convinced to make a purchase decision? What technical advantages do your products have or enable? What are the exact words you use to connect with your audience? The B2B buyer is a different breed, and effective industrial marketing communications must play to their preferences.

Five Things That Really Annoy Me About Social Media

Like or not, social media is here to stay. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, YouTube — these are the apps on the front screen of our smartphones, the favorites in our Web browsers, the ubiquitous presence in our lives that now serve as passports to our ever-expanding social universe. I freely admit there are things that I love about the “social age” we live in: connecting with friends, networking with peers and prospects, and monitoring trending events worldwide. But I must admit there are some things that annoy the living likes out of me.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Power Your Marketing Engine With Content Mechanics

At its essence, creating impactful content requires mechanical precision and deliberate execution. It starts with selecting a topic on which you have considerable expertise, progresses with extensive research, and culminates in the completion of a high-value, finished piece.

Penguin, Panda Updates Not So Cute and Cuddly

Starting in 2011 and most recently last month, Google implemented new search algorithms that have significantly changed the game of traditional search engine optimization (SEO). Named after cute and cuddly critters, Panda and Penguin updates have wreaked havoc on website rankings and have created a cycle of fear each time a new update is introduced.

My "Solution" to the Solution Revolution: JUST SAY WHAT YOU DO, ALREADY!

I saw a commercial last night that nearly made me spit out my Cheerios. A man is riding a bicycle with tower of bread loaves stacked upon his head, happily tossing loaves to various people at every corner of the globe. It was mildly intriguing, in that I had no clue what they were selling, and then I saw the payoff tagline: Solutionism. The New Optimism. What? Solutionism? As a grammar-phile, writer, and one who generally cares about the words people use to express themselves using the king’s English, I was everything but optimistic about another solution spin-off word.

Why I may be the third guy on Pinterest?

This and other confounding social network happenings