A Little Less Data, a Lot More Human

As a writer who occasionally hangs out with other writers and creative types, I’m often asked, “Oh, so you’re a technical writer, huh? Wouldn’t you love to do something more creative or challenging? You know, not to have to be so B2B-ish and technical?” When I explain that it requires significant creativity and insight to find a story that connects both on an intellectual and emotional level, my response is typically met with skepticism. 

Drum up Customer Loyalty With Targeted Content

In the B2B marketing arena, we’re occasionally tasked with developing marketing strategies for products that are commodities at their essence. The big conundrum is: how do we effectively market a product that isn’t easily differentiated from its competitors in terms of features and benefits? Simply conveying that “ours is better” is not going to get it done, no matter how cool your logo or clever your advertising campaign is. This is a situation where a niche content marketing strategy can help you stand out from the pack.

B2B Marketing: Allow Time for Your Story to Take Shape

To be effective, B2B marketing campaigns and content programs need to be based on clear, convincing stories. As my colleague Jocelyn Hodson recently blogged about, regardless of the audience, platform or content delivery method, the “story” still is the most crucial element. If a story doesn’t resonate with its intended audience, there’s no gimmick that’s going to save it. In the B2B marketing space, this couldn’t be truer.

Best Practices in B2B Content Marketing, Part 5: Repurpose, Disseminate and Capitalize

In a perfect world, a B2B content marketing strategy would incorporate various tactics in a deliberately coordinated fashion. For example, one might launch a new website containing white papers, case studies, a blog, published articles, videos and infographics in a dedicated resources section. This hub would serve as the focal point for all SEO, B2B buyer research, social media, relationship marketing and online ads. It’s a model that we’ve seen work effectively, and it represents the best case scenario for a content dissemination strategy.

Best Practices in B2B Content Marketing, Part 3: Establish a Position of Authority

So far in this blog series, I’ve focused on content strategies, not the process of content development. But the rubber meets the road in this installment, and it’s time to roll up our sleeves. Here, I’m covering something near and dear to my veracious content developer heart, and that is how to create content from a position of authority.