By John Acquavita

I’ve been proofreading and editing copy professionally for quite some time. My career history encompasses positions in the news, publishing, and advertising and marketing agencies. I’ve worked on press releases, media advisories, academic papers, textbooks, and advertising and marketing materials of just about any variety. This includes, but is not limited to: magazine ads, websites,...

By Melissa Lorenz

Organic Valley’s YouTube videos average a shade less than 3,400 views. You might expect that from an organic farming co-op in Wisconsin. After all, Organic Valley is a wholesome, pastoral, family-oriented brand committed to regional farm diversity and economic and environmental sustainability. They’re not necessarily concerned with going viral or breaking the Internet, in other words.


By Ryan Peverly

PR news doesn’t make front-page headlines, and that’s by design—PR is usually making the news, not a subject of it. However, recent reports that Edelman, the world’s largest PR firm, has cut ties with one its biggest clients, the American Petroleum Institute (API), has made headlines around the globe.

Edelman had come under fire in recent months because it had “ties to fossil fuel...

By Jon Berry

As a writer who occasionally hangs out with other writers and creative types, I’m often asked, “Oh, so you’re a technical writer, huh? Wouldn’t you love to do something more creative or challenging? You know, not to have to be so B2B-ish and technical?” When I explain that it requires significant creativity and insight to find a story that connects both on an intellectual and emotional level,...

By Chris Eifert

Annually, Laura Ramos of Forrester publishes data concerning business-to-business marketing budgets. In this year’s edition entitled, Direct Your 2015 B2B Budget Gains Toward Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences, Ramos again points out...

By Marcy Holderman

“It would’ve been flawless, except for…” (insert any number of frustrating issues that could have been addressed ahead of time).

We’ve all sat in at least one meeting and heard those words. And it doesn’t matter whether it was an issue you should’ve thought of or one someone else should’ve been prepared to address. The fact is, you could’ve avoided it or at least been prepared to deal...