By Ryan Peverly

I’m over Black Friday. Have been for some time. The lack of sleep, the long lines, the ludicrous lure of low prices that are literally the same all weekend. Unless you’re one of the first few people in line for the 55-inch-smart-TV-for-$200 doorbuster, the price on that all-in-one printer you’ve been eyeing will be the same on Saturday.

As a consumer, when you figure out how...

By John Acquavita

Last year I wrote a blog piece detailing how I decided to cope with turning 40: content marketing. I created a group page on Facebook dedicated to celebrating the everyday joy I had as an out-of-state undergraduate student at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania from 1992–1996. What began as a way...

By Stacey Alspaugh

By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard the news of the breakup between Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. The split between one of the most famous Hollywood couples ever was further proof that it’s not easy being green. Which got me thinking … it’s not easy being blue, either.

Blue happens to be my personality type, something I...

By Chris Eifert

Like any right-minded businessman, I’m a fan of the film “Glengarry Glen Ross”. Alec Baldwin’s monologue on the art of selling remains an iconic scene in modern cinema, and has been played and replayed in sales meetings across the globe to inspire teams to work harder to close deals.

At one point during Baldwin’s speech, Jack Lemmon’s character interrupts to tell him their sales leads...

By Melissa Lorenz

Anyone entering or past puberty by 1980 knows this reference from "Caddyshack". For those of you who don’t, take 98 minutes out of your busy life to watch it and enjoy a good laugh. You’ll be better for it. For the sake of brevity, though, I’ll summarize. It’s a famous line by the outrageously dressed Al Czervik — delivered with brash, devil-may-care perfection by the beloved Rodney...

By Jocelyn Hodson

I was lucky enough to have a window seat in the office at my previous place of employment. This privilege came at a cost though, since I consider my mental anguish over business decisions a cost. I would often gaze out the window and wonder, “What are we getting out of this expensive landscaping?” or “Do we really need to spend money on this intricate irrigation system?”

I was reading...