By John Acquavita

For better or worse, I will forever be linked to the former NBC television show “Friends”, specifically its three male leads. Joey and I have Italian heritage, my witty personality is similar to Chandler’s, and I look remarkably like Ross.

In one episode, in attempt to help Chandler and his wife Monica better their chances for adopting a child, Joey wrote a letter of recommendation....

By Ryan Peverly

If you’re like me — and God help you if you are — you’re certain organizations like NASA know more than they let on. How could they not? Government agencies operate this way. Always have.

Before you start labeling me as some kooky conspiracy theorist, let’s take a step back, exercise our brains a bit and have a logical think. Because, I’m also certain your brand marketing strategy is...

By Marcy Holderman

A policeman sees a man searching for his car keys under a streetlight, so he joins the search. After several minutes with no results, he asks the man if he’s sure he lost the keys there.

“Well, no,” the man said. “I lost them in the park.”

“Why are we looking for them here, then?!?” asked the policeman.

“Because this is where the light is...

By Jon Berry

Last month I wrote a blog that got shared quite a bit on Twitter. Those of you who use this social network know how this process works: somebody retweets a post with a link to your blog, someone else shares it, a few people favorite it, people you don’t even know repost it and mention you, and before you know it, your blog has...

By Chris Eifert

I admit it: As a Gen-Xer, the Millennial generation is somewhat of an enigma to me. Also known as “Generation Me,” this group of 18–34 year olds is often characterized as confident, socially conscious, civic-minded, tech-savvy, adventurous and often a little needy. Though I’m careful to not over-generalize, I also realize that the Millennial generation has had access to information and...

By John Acquavita

I’ve written before how the former ABC TV series “MacGyver” is my favorite show of all time. You would think that a TV show that aired its last episode in 1992 wouldn’t have cultural relevance in today’s world, but you’d be wrong. Credit card commercials during the Super Bowl, a movie spoofing its lead character, and...