By Chris Eifert

And Drink a Toast to Branding and Great Ad Headlines

Ever see a headline that stops you right in your tracks? Not because it’s great but because there’s something not quite right about it? I came across a B2B ad with one this week — a headline that ignited a cross-functional debate within the agency. Without divulging the ad’s headline or brand, I’ll cite the great Duke...

By Jocelyn Hodson

In the heat of music festival season, as I get older, my desire to be comfortable is in direct conflict with my desire to see amazing bands live, all in one place, over one weekend and for what costs less than seeing them all individually. Last weekend, I stood in the blazing sun with temperatures nearing 100 degrees down in Louisville at Forecastle Festival. I told myself, next year, I’m...

By John Acquavita

Professional sports all over the world use umpires, referees, linesmen, judges, etc., to understand, interpret and enforce the rules of their respective athletic events. Without them, chaos would undoubtedly ensue.

Writers have personnel at their immediate disposal who are well versed in the rules of prose, grammar and literary styling: editors. Without them, who knows what the end...

By Marcy Holderman

I have a go-to photographer for my family photos, but recently she wasn’t available, so I took it as an opportunity to do something different. Since a portrait session with a good photographer can cost upwards of $400, I wanted to pick the best of the best, because I knew I wouldn’t have this opportunity very often.

Impressive portfolios and even stunning customer testimonials weren’t...

By Ryan Peverly

As this agency’s resident Millennial in both age and attitude, part of my job is to stay fresh with the Socialsphere, that ever-growing universe of social networking platforms that expands at the rate it takes you to view a snap from your BFF.

That part of my job may sound like a fun, easy gig. Truth is, it’s not. It’s a lot of work when you’re doing it right. But if you’re...

By Patrick McMullen

I’m a geek by trade, but I’m also an athlete and diehard sports fan. While I can be found sitting at a desk managing technical personnel and projects and talking about digital strategies and Web trends by day, I can be found running around a softball field or shooting hoops after-hours.

Being a thirtysomething father and amateur athlete, many people wonder why I still play sports at a...