TriComB2B Blogger - John Acquavita
By John Acquavita

Blogs serve two main purposes: they help authenticate thought leadership within an organization and foster SEO through keywords. Not many people would argue that they carry more value than a white paper, but they can be valuable in disseminating content to your target audiences.

I once wrote a blog about common B2B...

TriComB2B Blogger - Abigail Kesler
By Abigail Kesler

Content — It’s a word that has a variety of meanings, depending on the person. But quite often it’s defined as some form of written language used to convey a message. It informs, persuades, and can (sometimes) take up large amounts of space ... all in order to share a message with others.

But is that really all content is? What about images? The old adage says that “a picture...

TriComB2B Blogger - Marcy Holderman
By Marcy Holderman

There is a rumor in the literary field that Hemingway once wrote a six-word short story, “For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.” I spent considerable time researching this (i.e., approximately two minutes Googling “Hemingway six-word short story”), but couldn’t find any proof whether it is true or false. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Someone wrote those two sentences, and in so doing, they proved...

TriComB2B Blogger - John Nagy
By John Nagy

One of our family’s favorite comfort food meals is tuna casserole. My wife Donna prepares it using Kraft macaroni and cheese. When I arrived home from work last Friday, she was pretty upset. She said when she was at the store she had mistakenly picked up the spiral noodle mac and cheese instead of the usual elbow noodle she uses in her recipe.

Donna showed me the packaging of both boxes...

TriComB2B Blogger - Jon Berry
By Jon Berry

Google put the Web world on notice in February when it announced its plans to change their mobile search algorithm on April 21. Simply put, an algorithm is a set of instructions that determines what search results to return upon sorting through billions of Web pages. It’s how Google ensures you find the content you’re looking for. And in this case, it will improve the quality of search results...

TriComB2B Blogger - Patrick McMullen
By Patrick McMullen

It’s inevitable that at some point during a B2B digital project we will hear the words “Is it possible to …” followed by an explanation of someone’s imagination. The answer to this question is almost always “Yes, we can do that,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean it should be done. Some things fade away or never come to fruition — with good reason. Your digital portfolio isn’...