TriComB2B Blogger - Jack Lilienthal
By Jack Lilienthal


“There is no expedient to which a man will not resort in order to avoid the real labor of thinking.”

—       Sir Joshua Reynolds, 18th century English portrait painter

When considering information in terms of our need to define advertising, we recognize two types, nominally termed as “inside-out” and “outside-in” information.

The former includes data...

TriComB2B Blogger - Chris Eifert
By Chris Eifert

A recent article on Yahoo! Finance described the serious shortage of factory workers in the United States, with manufacturers reporting 600,000 unfilled jobs nationwide. The article describes typical annual earnings of $70,000 to $80,000 for experienced workers, with some earning more than $100,000 by age 28. Wow. But the fact is, these jobs aren’t being filled and, like most things, the...

TriComB2B Blogger - Chris Eifert
By Chris Eifert

If you know me at all, you know I can be a little jaded when it comes to the oblique, contrived language that seems to hatch in the secret meeting rooms of our nation’s most important enterprises and institutions. Businesses of all sizes (but mostly large) are awash in inane metaphors and nonsensical letter combinations that give users a sense of self-importance while alienating outsiders. I...

TriComB2B Blogger - Jon Berry
By Jon Berry

I saw a commercial last night that nearly made me spit out my Cheerios. A man is riding a bicycle with tower of bread loaves stacked upon his head, happily tossing loaves to various people at every corner of the globe. It was mildly intriguing, in that I had no clue what they were selling, and then I saw the payoff tagline: Solutionism. The New Optimism. What? Solutionism? As a grammar-phile,...

TriComB2B Blogger - Chris Eifert
By Chris Eifert

It is often said that children speak with great wisdom. And while my nine-year-old daughter is incredibly bright, I haven’t often thought of her as wise. She’s cute. She’s nine. But is she wise? Last week, I saw an article about her favorite pop star, Taylor Swift, doing something incredibly sweet for a cancer-fighting teenager (here’s the...

TriComB2B Blogger - Chris Eifert
By Chris Eifert

It seems most B2B marketing plans are outlined in terms of “how much” we need to get done. Something like … This year, we need to produce:

-     12 news releases

-     20 case studies

-     4 feature stories

-     10 videos

-     300 tweets

-     4 internal newsletters

-     12 customer emails

-     1...