By Patrick McMullen

Disaster recovery is the process and practice of ensuring that your technical infrastructure is backed up in a way that can be restored should disaster occur. None of us plan on dying tomorrow, but odds are you have life insurance and nobody will question why. Think of a disaster recovery plan to be life insurance for your company’s technology. Simply put, you will wish you had something in...

By John Nagy

We are currently working on a redesign of a new client’s logo and graphic system. An important part of the system is color. Color gives the brand individuality, expressiveness and consistency.

Orange was chosen for the brand’s logo color. Our original pick was a...

By Chris Eifert

First, let me say that I’ve been as guilty as anyone when it comes to abusing the English language to make a simple business concept sound overly complex and sophisticated. I obviously suffer from some type of professional self-esteem issue. Why else would I subject my peers and co-workers to ongoing references to marketing budgets as marketing “spend” or why I refer to the fundamentals as “...

By Chris Eifert

Holy Schnikes! I was just looking at the latest SEO report for our own website. Then I double checked the rankings myself to make sure there wasn’t some mistake. TriComB2B ranked #1 in Google for “B2B Advertising Agencies?” #1 for “B2B Marketing Agency?” Little ol’ us? And that’s not it. We’re Top 10 for all the good ones. That’s right…there we sit, adjacent to some pretty heady names in our...

By Jon Berry

While everyone wants leads, not everyone wants to pick up the phone. It’s quite common for Sales (with a capital S = those good folks who are dedicated to securing new business) to not want to bother with making cold calls unless the lead is a notch or two above the “Cold” status (capital C = don’t waste my time). At the very least, multi-channel lead-gen campaigns should soften the beaches...

By Chris Eifert

It’s football season. So if you’re a fan, you’ve probably heard the trite expression “Statistics are for losers” from your favorite sports radio talk show host by now. No doubt, teams and fans that point to the game stats rather than the scoreboard are generally running from something – like the fact they’re losing more games than they’re winning. I’m a long-time Bengals fan so I’m pretty...