TriComB2B Blogger - Melissa Lorenz
By Melissa Lorenz

I recently watched a great documentary by Keanu Reeves entitled, “Side by Side”. (You can view the trailer here.) It examined the evolution of digital filmmaking over the last two decades and explored the differences between it and the traditional photochemical process. It clearly showed that digital is gaining traction...

TriComB2B Blogger - Robin Miller
By Robin Miller

I was working on a blog for a client related to the blurring lines of software in their industry. It got me thinking about this phenomenon in sales and marketing in the B2B world. It seems that as companies move to content-based marketing strategies and subsequently marketing automation programs to disseminate that information, the previous clearly defined roles for sales and marketing teams...

TriComB2B Blogger - John Nagy
By John Nagy

Even in the midst of all the revolutionary sociological changes and technological advances in communications and going to market, some things remain the same. One of these is the foundation for branding. It’s based on the three attributes in this question: Is the brand compelling, credible and unique? Or asked another way, through the customer’s eyes: “Why should I care?” “Why should I believe...

TriComB2B Blogger - Chris Eifert
By Chris Eifert

It’s March and college basketball is on my mind. Unfortunately, barring an A-10 tournament miracle, my beloved UD Flyers will soon be watching games, not playing. So this blog is written with reluctant admiration for a team that looks to be a long-term nemesis for the Flyers and also very involved in this year’s NCAA tournament.

In January, my dad invited me to attend the UD-Butler game...

TriComB2B Blogger - Jon Berry
By Jon Berry

At its essence, creating impactful content requires mechanical precision and deliberate execution. It starts with selecting a topic on which you have considerable expertise, progresses with extensive research, and culminates in the completion of a high-value, finished piece.

As important as it for your marketing program to frequently create high-value content — such as a new technical...

TriComB2B Blogger - Patrick McMullen
By Patrick McMullen

Let’s start with a question: What is a developer? If you Google the term, you will find something similar to the following:

1. A person or organization that develops something.
2. A person who grows or matures at a...